Things Vivi is Interested In (Catchy Title!)

Random things I have been liking in the last month or so. I could enjoy them all this week, so it could be a “this week in Vivi” but that would be a lie. Liars are worse than the devil. He is upfront with all he entices you with and if he doesn’t then you are the idiot. Who the fuck doesn’t know about the devil and that he a) promises things that he can’t promise b) lives in a pit of fire.  So if you don’t like fire then don’t make deals. You don’t need a music career that bad, Billy Ocean.

Note: almost every subject is linked so you can learn more.  :)

So much music I have discovered but these are the things that are making me the most excited.

  • Father John Misty
    I hear things and he is coming to San Diego and so I listened. I like muchly. That simple folk/indie style. I really like this song though everything on the album Fear Fun, is really good.  Devil would find it boring, so i say that is a plus.
  • Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
    This song makes me all mushy happy and I love to sing along.  You may need to listen to it about 10 times before it burrows into your brain and I highly suggest that. It is much better than a pit of fire. Perfect if you want to drink more water but need to add a bunch of stuff to make it taste better.
  • Adam Levine (from Begin Again) – Lost Stars
    Current earworm. Saw this movie (will talk more below) and this song sticks with me the most.
  • Concert Season is approaching and I have tickets to the following:
    • JMSN  -a sultrier, sexier Justin Timberlake
    • Joshua Radin – squee good solid indie pop songs. I realize with this, Father John Misty, and the Mountain Goats, I am listening to a lot of those indie dudes. I really wish I could give you words to describe them better. And they are all different too but there is a singular focus to my head.
    • Trampled by Turtles – mild bluegrass anyone? Devil loves it. He goes to Georgia for it, I hear.
    • Belle and Sebastian- mega squee. All of the adorkable girls represent!!! And if you think you are adorkable and you don’t like B&S then you are adorabroken.
    • Marina and the Diamonds- Looking for opportunities to dance my ass off.  Not literally. That is some devil shit. No idea why I have it out for the devil today but really isn’t anyone worse to go after. Maybe someone who is real and actually killed people but that is just too real. #realpeopleproblems
    • The Decemberists- I seriously doubted them coming to San Diego and that I would be going. Squee. Also the video linked is amazing and has Nick Offerman.


  • Painted Nails- Been painting my nails like a BAWSE on the regular. Heeeeeeeeey. All the nail people represent. (no fucking clue either)
  • MAC Miley Cyrus Viva Glam – Another no fucking clue. I needed it. I needed it bad. You know what I mean. The hot pinkness of it all. Not a Miley fan per se. No devils here.
  • Shiro Cosmetics Eyeshadows- Legends Collection (colors: Heart Piece, Hero of Ages, Triforce)
    Seven Kingdoms Collection (color:  Climbing Chaos)
    These are pigmented as fucked (this is good for eyeshadow) and last a long time. I looked fierce wearing the Heart Piece. And great names and art work.
  • MAC- Eye Shadow Palette
    In order to “save money” I got the palette to start filling with eye shadows. I now have 5 and if i remember the colors are  Da Bling,  Aquadisac, Shroom, Sushi Flower, Amber Lights. Love them all and the palette. It is so preeeeeetttty.


  • Eldritch Horror
    Mega game that is heavily themed around HP Lovecraft. There are mini stories, monsters, all types of horror. It is beautiful and perfect. One of my goals for 2015 was to do full plays of games we barely touched. This is number one and it was so much fun. 3 hours worth of fun.
  • Settlers of Catan
    I only got to play my copy once before but was able to play it a bunch of times around Christmas. I love this game so much. The thing I love most about this game that isn’t as strong in other games is that every turn requires everyone to pay attention and be involved. If you don’t then you will lose valuable resources (literally). The devil hates this game because he is such a scatterbrained ninypoopz.
  • Mario Kart
    I have been playing this crazy ass game because I need to be better. I need to beat Andrea boo when he comes in March. Or at least not fall off cliffs. Also Waluigi is the new Toad in my life. annoying as fuck (totes devil)
  • Pokemon X 
    Instead of reading great Russian Literature last night, I spent all of my evening catching up on my Squirtle, Lucario and the like.  Squirtle now has cannons because, cannons?


  • 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown / Big Fat Quiz
    They are so silly and sometimes fucking hilarious. I can’t stop watching both of these. Thanks to the power of YouTube I can find them everywhere.
  • Fargo
    This show is beautiful, tense, quirky, fun, amazing. So because I used a lot of descriptive words you need to see the show if you haven’t.
  • Begin Again
    From the dude who did Once. If you like Once, then you will like this movie. Also Mark Ruffalo. Just watch it.
  • Tinker Tailor Solider Spy
    Three years behind on this movie. it is amazing. Just beautiful spy awesome. Yum trifecta too: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, and Colin Firth.

Random (probably white girl things)

  • Mini-easels- I am using these to display art  I have on my desk at work. So pretty!!
  • Old-Fashioned cocktail, esp if it has bacon. Really no further explanation is necessary.
  • Revamping my kitchen. It is super adorkable. Look at me I am so fucking quirky it is sickening.

I Got Stuff: Unboxing the PopSugar January 2015

I feel like a preface is necessary because of reasons for my head. It has been a long hiatus and I hope to keep this blog more steady and be more accountable to produce good and frequent content. The beginning of the year will probably be filled with these haul/unboxing posts and movie posts. Probably some music. So you know the usual. It is nice to have something come back and things not change too much. I mean this more for me than you.

New box of the month for me: PopSugar. I ditched Ipsy for a Lifestyle box, Popsugar. It is more expensive ($40/month as opposed to $10/month) but so much variety.

I think this month’s theme is something like Renew Re-Energize Whatever. Oh my picture quality will probably be horrible. I think this will make these posts less entertaining but i think it adds a level of beautiful janky.

Most likely to be used all up:  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream


This is my daily face cream. First saying that makes me feel like I am from the 1950s and I really should stop entertaining these ideas of “writing” and get back to making that roast before the provider comes home. I really love this cream and it is reasonably priced (smaller version is $12 and lasts about 2-3 months). The jar is pretty fuckable too. If that is your thing guys with dicks. So moisturizing: 9, fuckability a solid 7.

Most likely to never be worn but I can’t throw it away: Jack +Lucy Pom Pom hat


It is so fucking huge. I have to wear it like a slouchie hat but I do love it. I live in Southern California so instances where I need to wear it are few but I will love it forever until I realize that I don’t need it and give it away. So lets give this hat 4 months. This could be the key to starting my new indie band “Gravity and the gumdrops of creation”. My craigslist add would be: Seeing bandmates for new indie band. You play guitar, drums, keyboard, and/or bass. Also need a singer. I girl who has a really cool hat and band name. Lets soar!” Fuckability 2: It is wool but soft so if you lubed it up it could work.

Most likely to be Given Away 2 seconds after opening the box: Nature Valley Protein Granola


I don’t like peanut butter. This is not my bag of granola. Also I don’t know what to do with granola. I don’t like yogurt that much and I don’t want to eat it by itself. I could have kept it to throw at clowns. Lick it a bit and hope it sticks on the face paint and in their hair. I should have made that my new year’s resolution: torture more clowns. At least 50% more than last year. Fuckability: 0 unless you like it rough you sick fuck.

Most likely to be used for not its intended purpose: Manduka  eQua Hand Towel 


I think this is for when you yoga sweat and need to wipe it off so you don’t slide on the mat and slip and slide your way to the girl in front of you doing downward facing dog. Also giving it a fancy title is really not hiding your doggie style pose. I will probably use the towel for cleaning my face. I might use it when I eventually go to the gym (hahahaha). It is soft as fuck. So I give it a fuckability of 5.

Most likely to be useful after a night of drinking: ToGoSpa Eyes

I have been focused on creams and ointments to fix my face. Not that it needed fixing, I am just that vain. I do have a category of things for my eyes and will eventually get them for my face as a whole, for fixes when I don’t sleep a lot and/or are hungover. The hungover doesn’t happen a lot but it is still something I need to plan for. Either I am the baller of the ballers or just a sad monkey in a police uniform. You decide.
Fuckability: 0. Seriously if you can wrap it around your penis, get a new penis and also NO.

Most likely to be worn once and then realize nope: Skin Jewel Tattoos Empire


Ahh these are the cross promotion with the new show Empire. I don’t fully understand. I get that they are cold but they are that fake tribal kind of design that white girls wear to Coachella. Well this white girl will try them for dates or other fun nights out. I have a feeling I will find them too complicated to get around my wrist that I will give up and never use them again. I could be corrected by the magic of gold. Gold is better.
Fuckability: O but it could enhance fuckability. I wouldn’t put it on your junk but maybe above it as away of saying- I love Perfume Genius too babe now come sit right here.

Most likely to be used for work: KeepCup Brew 12-Ounce Reusable Coffee Cup


I need to say something: I know this is to combat the Starbucks,etc paper cups but before Starbucks and the like all coffee cups were reusable. I have a whole shelf of “reusable” coffee cups. This is the stupidest term ever for this. Like for serious. I love the cup, btw. It is a bit small but really good for tea when I am at work. I give it aces plus.

Fuckabliity 10: if you are a sex Macguyver and can add some sponges, lube, saran wrap and rubber bands. It would be such the perfect size for your own fleshlight. Pro there is a rubber grip handle.

American Music Awards 2014


Dearest reader, Last night I watched the American Music Awards and I found the most amazing specimens of humanity. Actually I just lied to you I saw meh performances and wasted three hours of my time. However I made the … Continue reading

This Week in Vivi- This Weekish

It’s back! Are you as excited as me? I am literally falling asleep as I write this because a common Vivi thing is to do more than I think I can do and tire myself out.


  • Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins (FINISHED)
    Mushy mushy mush. A mediocre book about rich people with teen love problems. I fucking loved it in all the ways I shouldn’t. If you like that type of stuff you will like this book, if you are looking for some take on the hard truths of life then you won’t get that.
  • Brutal Youth -Anthony Breznican (CURRENTLY READING)
    Beautifully written and emotionally charged. I am loving this book of which I am about a 1/3 of the way through.
  • Liz Climo Book-  Fun and so cute.

White Girl Things

  • Dogfish Head Punkin Ale- This is my Pumpkin Spice Latte. I found it at a local gastropub in San Diego and the sky and me rejoiced. Woot! And it was so yummy.
  • Beets and Brussels Sprouts- my current favorite things.
  • Pink Yoobi Journal- The Toms of School Supplies- sending supplies to schools in need. The journal is a Moleskine-esque but flatter than my Moleskines. I love this journal muchly and if it had the Moleskine Pocket it would trump all other journals.


  • Ipsy bag for September! Wheee!! Overall I was happy with the bag and you can find out more on the blog post before this one. 
  • MAC Cosmetics Rihanna Viva Glam 2 lipstick. I love it even though it is pretty severe on me. As long as I do it right I will love it even fiercer.
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream-  Two days into this and it is so nice on the face. I am approaching the softness of a squishy stuffed animal but with less fur.
  • Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter-  This smells like coconut cream pie and is whippy smooth. MMMMMM and it doesn’t smell to strong on my body.
  • Fresh Sugar Rose Lip treatment with SPF 15- It has been hella hot and my lips have been dry so I got all moist on the lips with this. MMmmmmoist. I am not afraid of this word. I am embracing it.



  • Monorail!! Now with Real People!
  • Panic! At the Disco does Queen. This is a true panic situation or is it? You decide.
  • A band or dude covers Arctic Monkeys in a way that I love. And I do love the original too but if you hate AM then you might like this more. Or you may hate it because you refuse to enjoy the world in which you live in and so I suggest you find a refrigerator box to live in.
  • Showing that hotties look good in almost anything.
  • Bryan Cranston is hilarious and makes me get all baseball mushy.