Dial H for Whiteout, Death Notes, and Fashion Beasts (aka comic tings)

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I am not good at a lot of lady things and growing my nails is one of them For the first time in a while, I have a wee bit of growth on all of my nails (they will probably all break … Continue reading

Oscar Watch 2014- Over


Of course I had to cite a Drake song. I am a white girl after all. My tummy is full of all the sushi. Or so I told my cat “I ate all the fish”.  This is the mind state … Continue reading

Oscar Watch 2014: Best Picture

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Starting off big here. I wanted to do some cute gimmick and then I get to 12 Years a Slave and stop and think for a moment. Damn you consciousness!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. Since I am original doing a pro/con list like … Continue reading

This Week In Vivi- Week 14


Books/Comic Books Finished: Watchmen (Moore/Gibbons)- Amazingly good as a novel and graphic novel. Should be required reading for everyone. Finished: Goldfinch by Donna Tartt- I don’t know if I would recommend this book to anyone. Is lengthy and I could … Continue reading

Vivi Tells you What to Listen to, Part now

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I wanted to put now in all capital letters but realized that meant not what I think meant so whatevs. I am grump and surly. 1.  Babymetal- DokiDoki I really don’t know how to explain this band. You should watch … Continue reading

This Week in Vivi- Love Week


It is Valentine’s Day so will tell you things I love in the categories I usually talk about. So mostly the same but using the holiday for my gain.  Simple enough? Lets go! TV True Detective- The best show currently … Continue reading