Summer is Upon Us

and it is burning my arms. Went to comic-con this weekend. We had to wait in line for two hours just to get in. But we got to stare at the freaks there. hehe… not really freaks just people dressed up in costumes. There was the green goblin, a whole bunch of jedis and a whole bunch of elves. I saw one frodo. I saw the no face from Spirited Away. It gave one of my friends some corn pops that was really cool. I wanted to see a storm trooper. lame i know. I ended up seeing two. A half assed one had the helmet and the top portion but no bottom portion of the outfit. Maybe the bottom is on layaway. who knows. Then i saw a full one but he was getting onto a bus. oh and on that bus was also three really sexy japanese girls. ooh… i wanted to go on that bus so bad.

hmm what else of importance or humor. I got to see kevin smith. Dang he is funny. He has been married the same amount of time as me. nice.

saw a guy with aluminum foil on him. couldn’t figure out who he was supposed to me. someone explained it to me later but i have forgotten now. but i was wondering if he keeps a spare roll of aluminum foil to reapply throughout the day.


moodalcious: hungry
songalicious: amber waves- Tori Amos

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