Disco Lemonade

love that song by mercy playground. mary playground. i dunno their name. oh well. the song is sex and candy not disco lemonade but that phrase is used in the song.

incessant ramblings by lushrain. probably going to go see dashboard confessional again so i am stoked about that and the fact that tori is not this saturday but next saturday. ooh it will be my 7th time. woohoo!

all the way yeah! okay the shift key on this keyboard sucks i am so left shift key dependant that to have one that sucks really harshes my mello. mello yello. okay this is a really strange and pointless entry but my entry never the less.

bus boy. there is a guy who gets onto my bus every morning probably 35-40. he is about 6 feet i would say and hairy. he has a beard and matching hair. always wears solid color tee shirts and jeans. he is big. husky. he has about 3 different things strapped around him. a bag of some sort, a hard case cooler, his bus pass. he always reads books in nylon covers. he has no wedding ring on. i say that just because i see some guys and i wonder who would marry them. he doesn’t look that interesting but i could be wrong. i create little stories about the people i see. i see him as a guy who lives with his mother. i also think that he lays out his clothes and packs his lunch the night before. he eats lots of dinners infront of the tv on a tv tray. maybe has a computer and plays rpg games. maybe he is a d and d freak. not to say that people who play d and d are freaks or live with thier mothers just that is what i see for him.

oh well gotta go now.. late

moodalicious: chipper
songalicous: only 16 by sam cooke

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