final fantasy free for all

hehe… playing final fantasy again. woohoo. this is fun. nothing funny to say today. my life feels lighter right now. my anxiousness has ceased to exist. maybe that is why i am captin strugglesworth. daniel is watching gi jane for some reason. i think it is because he likes that movie. he made me watch it. it was okay. demi moore is not my thing and neither is navy seals stuff. i don’t really care how tough it is. don’t do it if it is that hard. isn’t that a great motto for life. don’t do it if it is too hard. that has sexcual connoatations also. hehe… i am not correcting my spelling because i like it au naturel. i wanna read fear of flying again. just need to say i love six feet under. that show rocks. now i just need to see the 2nd and third seasons. it sucks that i don’t have hbo. it is the hobo network. hehe. hmm… i don’t have any funny quotes.. i just always have to remember that i am just here for the chocolate….. dang i need to be fucked. mmmmm… that sounds so yummy… i need to be fucked and have a girl at the same time. i am such a naughty girl.

moodalicous: naughty
songalicous:some metallica song with the word dirty in the title

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