Thieving Magpies!

At lunch at work trying to figure out what I am going to write about. I watched American Idol last night and it was the same old stuff. I have valid frustrations with that show: they drag on the whole show longer than it needs to be with useless filler. For example the recap of the auditions last night. And when they do 25-55 min of recap and to get to the results. But I am strangely addicted to that show.

I just wish I could turn off reality tv. I watch too much of it. But I am not watching everything and that is good. Most of the reality shows on Fox I don’t watch. And I haven’t been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette. But if they show a marathon on a weekend of the Bachelor I will watch it. It is nice watching tv/movies that are predictable and familiar. You just can sit down and watch it at any point. Like most teen movies. The majority of them fall the standard rules: a drunken party, a romance that starts out with dislike or some sort of conflict, the conflict seems to be resolved but really isn’t, and a reconciliation at the big formal dance.

Feel like my brain is being sucked into the tv. Try to make resolutions to myself to do productive things: write, work on my web design/photoshop skills but that darn tv keeps on coming back. Well I think I may counter that. I am going to try to see an art film this week. Something to enrich my mind.


since it seems to be a running trend in these postings (when i do decide to write), i am frickin horny… Circumstances beyond my control has left me without for over a week. Poor me… but I think good things will come to me tonite or morrow. hehehe…

moodalicous: bemused
songalicous: my love is your love- Whitney Houston (huh?)

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