The Concert for the Imaginary

The imaginary band has been on hiatus for a week. The Behind the music is now on hold, maybe it will be shown during February sweeps. Who knows? The Apricot Snarf Society’s name is coming under question from the keytar/bass player who wishes to change it. The band has added a xylophone player in the last week, but he is in antartica which limits our rehearsal time. Also I think we still need drummer and maybe another guitar player. The k/b player is revising her contracts for concerts trying to figure out what she wants in her dressing room. There has been a request for a playstation 2 and an xbox in the tour bus and a second tour bus so if the band members are fighting there can be an angry “cool down” bus. It would also be cool to see the Madden Cruiser and the Apricot Snarf Society buses race like in Nascar but maybe not in an oval. I don’t think they would clear the turns without toppling over. Maybe on a straight road through Utah, since there is nothing else to do there. There is still discussion of the band breakup and how it will happen. The k/b player wishes to get preggers with twins and then refuse to ever tour again. The lead singer will then have to get a Mercedes Mini-Van and take the kids around to lacrosse tournaments. The LS prefers a drug scenario… but that is so played out. We need creativity here since we are an imaginary band. Why go with the typical formula (with the exception of the formula that will land us on Behind the Music). As you can see there is still much discussion on the band that will need to be ironed out before the imaginary band can commence the fate that lies before it. But as the greek goddesses with scissorss and thread and stuff, we will have to create that fate. Lets all hope that we will be able to form and live to our imaginary potential. Remember: Keytars are a valid instrument and are very cool.

moodalicious: working
songalicious: incubus (listening to MTV radio)

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