Please stay on hold

What is the difference between jazz hands and spirt fingers…. I guess it is all in the fingers for spirit fingers. Can you do jazz hands and spirit fingers at the same time? Do you do spirt fingers by first doing jazz hand then wiggling your fingers? Do they require a smile on your face? Well how can you not smile at spirit fingers or jazz hands. You have to be one cold person to not find some amusement out of them, c’mon it is Jazz Hands. Even the name makes me chuckle.

There is a show on pbs from the creators of the Teletubbies called boobah. It is whack. I love saying that word whack because it is so unlike me. About boohbah…. There are these five multicolored blobs that dance around then freeze. Then they float in the air. Some kids come and put a box in on this smoky area and these people come out of the box. I usually can’t watch much more past that so I don’ t know what else happens. The website is and that is even stranger because you just kind of have to figure out what to do.

I am on hold right now trying to get tickets to a college baseball game. I can’t believe i am on hold. But it is in a new state of the art ballpark so i guess it is worth it. Oh well. Just to let you know my call is very important to them. I sure hope so because this music is really annoying. It is elevator music for the seriously deaf. As if there is another kind of deaf. I think any kind of deafness is seroious.

An insult I heard the other day is dirty shitlicker. Is there a clean shitlicker? I would just assume that if you are licking shit then you are a dirty mofo. If I am wrong will someone please explain that to me?

Last night I got seriously drunk. I was all horrny and stuff. Writhing on the bed. But this morning I am okay. No hangover, no dry mouth. It is like it never happend. Strange.


moodalicious: weird
songalicious: crappy on hold music

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