Spent Saturday relaxing most of the day and then went to dinner with my parents. No where special. After dinner my mom dyed my hair and my hubbie did our taxes. We owe under 600 this year and we are excited. How fucked up is that? Last year we owed close to 1000 and now since we have almost cut it in half we are ecstatic. The US tax system is seriously screwed up. Combined we are not making that much. Enough to be comfortable but we are not rich or really firmly planted in middle class. Oh well, unless I major in economics and come up with some grand scheme to change the Federal tax system I am pretty much screwed.

Watched the Grammys last night, haven’t done that in about 5 years and it was very interesting. I was amazed at the amount of performances and the lack of awards given out. And did anyone else notice that they gave out about 10 lifetime achievement awards. After about 2 it seems cheapened. I assume that Beyonce will get a lifetime achievement award next year. Maybe it is like a Star on the Walk of Fame. There was a huge disappointment. You don’t get one based on your actual fame any more. Some one pays to have you get a star on the walk of fame. I was just checking their site to see who has one and it said that Journey is getting one this year. Frickin Journey on the walk of Fame? In case people forgot, fame is popular acclaim.
Strangeness at the Grammys was hearing Sting, Dave Matthews, and Vince Gill butchering I Saw Her Standing There. First what a strange song to choose and second I thought it was supposed to be a tribute. Do I have to define a tribute? That is generally something in honor of something/someone. Not a horrible rendition of a song.

I got off of work early today because I was bored at work. I am now watching Monty Python. Not that funny yet. Somewhat funny. A joke that kills people. Animals that think they are birds. Strange. It is all strange. As always I need to be more productive. Late

moodalicious: amused
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