and coconut macaroons

There is a package of coconut macaroons in front of me and they look like biscuts. It is strange becuase if they were biscuts and not macaroons I would be eating them right now. It is nice that my weekness is not sweets (with the exception of sour gummy bears from Henrys-but we are calling those fruit) but my weakness is actuall meals. I love fatty foods ,fast foods and such. I don’t eat a lot in a particular day just what I eat is not good for me Oh well I will get past all of that. Speaking of macaroons. A lot of times they are described as coconut macarroons. Isn’t that redudant? I thought macaroons implied coconut. I need to find that out. My curiousity is just bugging me on that one. There are almond macaroons. So i was wrong… Interesting. The world of macroons is exciting they are even in a song from the 70s that i can remember the name of. I think it is sweet city woman. I found this piece that I wrote a couple of years ago. There were a couple of good lines that I am going to paste here for prosperity:

The room has a bed, a trashcan, a towel, one sterile light, a door with lock, and a friendly sign. It doesn’t have blankets, pillows, table, light switch. It is cold and white and eerily noisy. Vibration comes from the walls and slips under the door and to your ears.

Watching Sylvia tonite got me in a writing mood. So I wrote about a page of a new story but there is no plot. Just a feeling of longing. A lot of my stuff has that feeling. And I realize that I am drifting towards second person. But I can’t work on Control right now. I don’t want to and I don’t know why. The story just sits open on my computer untouched. I think I want to write something else, but I don’t know what. Maybe there is a story generator online. I am trying my hardest to be commtited to this writing thing.

Dang I love sleeping pills. I don’t want to take enough to kill me just to sleep. I don’t have any problems sleeping. I just love the sleep I get on them. It is the deepest sleep completely absent from dreams. I think my dreams are what make me so restless. They are not bad or anything just i feel like i am dreaming all night and that i never really sleep. Although today is is one day where i haven’t feel tired. Which is nice. I hope tomorrow is like that also. Oh well


moodalicious: contemplative
songalicious: Who- Happy Jack

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