Good Times

I am sleepy. So sleepy and it is only 4:30 on a Saturday. Well I woke up at just before 7am this morning. I am a weird girl. Nice day ate breaky with my hubby and then went to the movies. Now at home doing stuff. Listening to music and looking at a tortilla. Tortilla the Hun. Like that hasn’t ever been uttered before. [insert dork laughs here] sorry didn’t mean to insult the dorks. Like they would laugh at tortilla the Hun. I mean only 5 year olds who know who I am referencing would be able to laugh at that. Maybe old people who have cold skin. Why is old people skin cold? I know why they are wrinkly, that is nature. But is it nature to be cold? Hmm…. Sorry old people if I bothered you. Do you know how to use the computer? Prolly not so should I really care what you think? Yes I should because I am a nice person. I am a good person. Hehe… now you see me now you don’t! California you are such a wonder I think I will stay in bed. George Huff makes me smile. He seems like such a happy person. I don’t want to marry him or even sthup him for fun. Cuz he is not pretty (sorry dude) but he is happy and that is better than being pretty. I want to have a house like the playboy mansion. I want Hef’s schedule. Movie night. Poker night (hehe). And the harem of girlies. Oops women and that hot tub that is in the grotto. Okay I know way too much about that place for never having been there. I would wear slippers or go barefoot all day. I think I might wear my satin pants and go topless walking around the grounds. Learn to play tennis with my playmates. Okay I am having too much fun thinking about it. Maybe I can take over when he passes. Which probably wont be soon and I will probably have kids by then and it won’t be good to have the kids in that environment. It was fun while it lasted. Good times.

moodalicious: sleepy

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