Pretty Mary Sunshine

Another good day.. too bad I have to go to work morrow.. sadness. Aww.. oh well I will get through it all. I want a day off and will probably take one in the next couple of weeks. I do have a 4 day week this week. Hail Cesar Chavez. Watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent. It is okay. Not my favorite of the L&O series but still addicting. Hmm not much else happening. I am such a slacker with my writing this weekend. Wanted to do something productive but cease to do anything productive. Hopefully I will get something done this week. Maybe Monday. Watched Blazing Saddles y’day that is such a funny movie. Noticed the sign that said Administrative Personnel only. That was funny. Sorry blanked out. Didn’t seem like a long time to you but it was like a full minute from when I finished that last sentence and started the other one. Next week party at bff house. Yeah. That will be interesting. The guy on the show looks like jerry reed. He has jerry reed eyebrows. I expect him to break out singing Pretty Mary Sunshine. But he is a criminal so I don’t think song is the best choice for him. Except to sing like a little birdie but that would be convicting himself. Dude shouldn’t play with walking sticks and burglars. Oh snap. He learned a lesson good. I am all done now. Okay I love you bye bye.

moodalicious: complacent
songaliciouss: the musical stylins of Mr. Jerry Reed

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