Jolene and Mothra will now belly dance for you

Worked sucked big time. Would explain but that would be boring you with crap cuz running exams is not that fun. Very stressed out but got through the day and now I only have 3 more days left. With this entry and yesterday’s entry it seems like I am over focusing on this day off but right now it is all I have. Hehe.. It will get better I will have help soon. Now just chillin and relaxing. Mothra rules. I have a imaginary band and I am the lead keytar player. In case you wanted to know. I will distract you with a belly dance [insert belly dance here]. Jolene Jolene Joelene. Ask any mermaid you happen to see what’s the best tuna Chicken of the Sea! The commitments is coming out on dvd. That is a funny movie, watch it now. There will be a test. Get started watching it. Now. Go now. Go.

moodalicious: indecribable

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