Shiny new nickel in my pocket [Drink Coke]

Watching American idol and it is disconcerting. Why do they have to put images behind the singers? I mean George is singing “I can love you like that” and they have flames behind him. Maybe this is what hell is like? Hehe.. Actually I like the show. I think the images are a bit much. They shouldn’t have anything in the background because it is always so wrong. Just plain wrong. George Huff smiles so purity. Dude I am talking about him a lot two posts. But he is on TV when I started writing this so there. :P. Fantasia is up now… Macy Gray light …. Ooh she is singing Willie… Always on my mind.. if I liked any Willie song this one would be it. She really is hitting the macy gray tonite… The image for this one is clouds… They have like 3 images… You’d think with the amount of money they get from coca-cola and commercials they could afford more moving stock images. Ooh close-up of Simon drinking coke. Cuz you don’t want to focus on the singer whist they are singing. No not when you can get a shiny new nickel. Dude I am cold. Fantasia just back talked to Simon… Which was kind of stupid… I agree with Simon though.. She was singing and dressing kind of old. Watching repeats of Gilmore Girls and American idol. Good night. Just wish I had coffee and a blanket. And my honey (he is out right now), oh well… tomorrow another day at work. Blech. I am done now.

moodalicious: pensive

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