Ooh a two day break… see I do have a life. Well sorta. Wednesday nite my arm was really sore so I couldn’t get on the comp and y’day I didn’t feel like doing anything. We went shopping last night and I love clothes so it was fun. I got a really cool dress that looks like it is from the 40/50s off the shoulder dress. It looks good on me too which is hard to do for dresses. Today is my day off and I am relaxing. Chillin. Any one who looks like a magician and doesn’t do magic, I don’t like. I love that quote. It is from Dave Atell. He is funny. Just lounging around and being lazy but I think I will clean the kitchen soon. Ooh exciting. Going to a party this weekend so expect more slacking on Saturday and Sunday. So I guess I should make this entry longer but I am not going too. Person I had been getting close to, found out something about her that bothers me and now know I could never hang out with her. So will just keep it the way it is. Hmm not much else is happening with me. I have nails which is rare. I don’t have nail polish on them…oooh.. I am trying to strengthen my nails soz I can growz dem out. I want long nails… purity nails… that is it.

Moodalicious: excited

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