No Air Conditioning in Japan

Another couple of days off. I promise I am not slacking too much.. first chapter of control is done. I think it is good. Now to decide if I am going to start another story (if so about what?) or do chapter two? Hmm maybe chapter two…. Refine and revise. Make it good and yummy or as yummy can be. Hubby is sleeping because he is getting up at 1am pst to watch a baseball game in Japan. On tv silly. He is planning to make breaky for me when I get up at 5. he bought me soda and egg rolls tonite so he is a good hubbie. Very sweet and thoughtful. I have this sense of completeness for finishing one chapter I just need to keep up.. it is not that late so maybe I will work on more. I had a good weekend. Party and nice conversation with BFF. Damn allergies have given me a headache. I don’t think the air conditioning works in our apt. I think iit is just a ffan blowing because I don’t feel any cooler and it has been going for a while now. Sleepy but I am hot so I don’t think I will go to sleep anytime soon. Hmm maybe I will bleach my shirt so I can wear it to work this week… prolly not.. I will probably just sit in my comfy chair and absorb myself into to the computer. Like I am doing now. I just wish that the people around me were sane and doing the things they need to be doing. I know I am not perfect. I procrastinate way too much so I loose out on things that are cool and I am not highly motivated. But at least I am making attempts, and I have a good relationship. I have a job and am making noticeable progress. Oh well I hope it all gets better. I truly love everyone I am talking about right now. I want to help and be there for support but when you are ignored it is hard. It is also hard carrying on conversations by yourself.

moodalicious: Good

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