[ Current Mood | naughty ]

Yeah I promised that I wasn’t slacking too much. This is slacking. But its all good. Dang my eyes itch. Go away… ugh… ahh Claritin… hopefully it works… American Idol is on and they are doing Elton John songs… They haven’t done my favorites yet. Jon Peter Lewis sucked but had a cool jacket (he sang rocketman). The red headed step-child sang Crocodile Rock which was terrible. Imagine Frank Sinatra singing that song if Frank wasn’t that good. There you have it. Work was useless today. I spent most of my day talking to Annam. It was fun chatting with my girl but I prolly should have been more productive. Now I am working on my site then I will probably try to work on the story that I am trying to do. George Huff is on. I seem to be doing these things during American Idol. Wow he is good. I like him. He sounds professional. Yeah grocery shopping tomorrow. Why am I excited about grocery shopping? I think I just like shopping. I am such a girly girl sometimes. Dang I am horny. More horny than I thought I was. Kind of lesbian horny right now. But Daniel will suffice. Hehe.. No he is better than sufficing.. He is satisfying. That song George did was amazing. I really would have bought that song if I could have. I am all shaky right now I think it is psychological because I took the Claritin and now I feel shaky. I don’t think it could have reacted to me so quickly. Oh well. It’s all good. George is smiling. Hehe… Flipping between Gilmore Girls and AI. Fun… Done now.

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