How I love the odious mimicry

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You know how you hear a word and you think you know what it means but you really don’t. That is how I felt this week with two words odious and mimicry. I am a kung-fu master at determining meaning of words from context and I kind of know what those words mean. But I feel left out of the inside joke because I don’t fully understand what they mean. If you have read my prior entries you know that I have consulted the dictionary before and here wa go again. My favorite lexicon is the OED. Mimicry: The action, practice, or art of copying or closely imitating, or (in early use) of reproducing through mime; esp. imitation of the speech or mannerisms of another in order to entertain or ridicule. Odious: Regarded with hatred; hated. I have seen/heard the word odious at least 4 times in the last week. Mimicry just last night. So taking those two definitions would odious mimicry be imitating Gilbert Gottfried or imitating Mother Teresa? or both? Interesting.

Yes my life has been filled with doubt about my vocabulary. There are certain things I never want to admit. And not knowing words is one of them. (I teared up just typing that). Elsewhere in my brain, I have been reading again (yeah!). Checked out books from the library. So there will be a book that I am reading segment on these entries now. I am also trying to be a good girl now and more spiritually aware. That is ultra cool. Hopefully I can stick to my commitments and goals.

The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes (started reading 9/27/04):
First Impressions- Interesting concept of we are all connected through 7 women. (Limited to the Europe “we”) I feel that the author (the book is written in first person) is a bit arrogant and snotty. I had one quote that could be borderline snotty and then the general language of the book is also questionable. I don’t like his style. He is trying to combine scientific information with storytelling and trying to make the book interesting for the masses. But I don’t think he is effective. I will try another chapter or two and see. Maybe I will even give out concrete evidence to his snottyness and lack of writting skills. Cuz you know girls dig guys with skills (like Bowstaff and computer hacking skills)

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