It's Better Up Here!

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Where is here and why is it better? No really… I wanna know… Last night I didn’t do much else other than watch the Pres Debates. My personal opinion: Kerry rules and Bush sucks. Hehe… I didn’t like how Bush wouldn’t respond to what Kerry said. He would usually twist it in some way. Kerry thinking we should pull the troops out of Iraq in 6 months and Bush saying that Kerry doesn’t support the troops. Yipes. Plus Bush had some open-mouthed-what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-say moments. Nice. Yes I am not a Bush supporter. I do like Kerry. I feel safer if he was president. I don’t like someone who makes quick decisions without thinking things through. Let me clarify that, I don’t like presidents who do that.

Y’day I also went to see Al Franken on campus. My people. Sitting in an audience of liberals was comforting like a warm blanket in fall. The Frankmeister was broadcasting his radio show on campus and I got the 3 hours off of work to go. Yeah! He was funny, Meg Ryan was there. He did a skit where he was the Wolfman and I understan the need to be the Wolfman for the bit. Cuz you needed to be human and then wolfmanny. However the cheap joke for him would to be Frankenstein. I mean that is an easy one. I wonder sometimes when you make a cheap joke and it is not funny but then there are times where it is really funny. Is there rules governing that?

I have a co-worker that wants to go to Evil School. She is crazy. After more interrogation, I find out that she really just wants to go to practical joke school. Not the I wanna rule the world by blowing up small planets kind of school. That is comforting to know.

You know who I miss? Bob Ross. I really miss his relaxing painting. His happy trees, hippyesque show was very stress relaxing. How did he die again?

Shopgirl by Steve Martin (started and finished 9/30/04) and The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin (finished 9/29/04)-
Both books were simple books that were very cute. I really enjoyed how he got into the minds of people and with Shopgirl into the minds of most people in relationships. Both books had the same sense of isolation to them. I think with Shopgirl some of his descriptions were redundant and unnecessary. He kept on describing how others would see Maribelle and I didn’t think it was necessary to the story. I know he wanted to show that she was more than a Shopgirl but we get that from the things she does, not by what she wears. I think also trying to emphaize how she is more than a Shopgirl, denigrates people who are just Shopgirls. I know that Maribelle thinks this way but the narrator is omniscient so it is not necessary. Pleasure of my company was much more refined and mathematically interesting. But I guess since it is the mind of a guy I don’t identify with it well so I don’t hook on to the character as well. In all I think you should read both and see for yourself. He is a really good writer. Don’t expect lots of comedy though.

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