The school bell will ring soon

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More word fun! Svengali is a very cool word. Not only for what it means but that it is also cool to say. I had written an entry to post, however I forgot to save it and now it is gone. Bleh. So much has been happening. Dinner, loafing, family issues. Most of the family issues seem to be at a lull for now but they will rise again.

Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 the other day and that wasn’t good. I dunno…. I guess it is effective to some. I knew most of the stuff that was in the film and if I was a Bush supporter (and I am not-icky) I wouldn’t be convinced by the movie. I guess it was the way he treated the war footage that disturbed me most. I think by showing some of the first scenes of the soldiers talking was inappropriate. He was creating a negative attitude about them and then trying to glorify them after that seemed strange. I also think the scenes with the recruiters were misleading. They are doing a business and they are going to go where people are going to sign up. I understand that this War is not legitimate and how we should never had been in there but regardless of the situation now the recruiters have always been like that. I think the subject was lightly touched and not fully examined. M. Moore didn’t show the other sides of his arguments with respect which is okay but if you want someone to believe your argument you need to treat their views with respect. Playing cutesy songs and using cute graphics and just mocking the right isn’t going to work to convince people. I agree in the most part with what he is saying but he seems to want this to be a movie to turn people towards the left and it isn’t going to work.

Hmmm I am a Gilmore Girls freak right now. Hehe..Get to leave work in 30 min or so… Yeah!

The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (started 10/7/04)
First impressions- book is interesting and not boring. I thought it would be as a science book and all but I am actually enjoying it. (I am not that far intothe book)

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