Pick your Superpower: Invisibility or Flight

This is funny and sad at the same time …. http://www.shatnerhasbeen.com/

On the top is a player for the songs just keep on forwarding until u get to “common people” …. It is shatner butchering common people….. It is funny…. really funny… but kind of creeps me out because I didn’t realize how much I liked that song because of Jarvis Cockers voice and how sultry it was and hearing shatner I just felt icky…. but it is funny nevertheless…

i have been dealing with so much duality lately… double emotions

red sox: fear and excitement
family situation: angst and the scandalous/soap opera nature that makes me laugh
this song: amusement and creeped out

sigh… it is all good… I have been getting these moments of hyper lucidity (name of my new band)

btw: i love saying the word scandalous… it is so National Enquirer

songalicious: This American Life
moodalicious: lethargic

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