Fuzzy Dice

So I am updating this journal on my christmas gift. It is a pretty shiny laptop from dell. Well dell didn’t give it to me for christmas, my parents did. We have 2 christmases because we go up to my hubbies family for christmas. Thus we have an early christmas with my parents. This is my gift. They are so nice. I didn’t ask for it. I asked for clothes. So now I should be able to be an offical writer and all. Do all of that big stuff like write a novel or at least write a short story.
As you all know christmas is coming up so that will be interesting. I am praying that there is no drama. Lets hope. I am listening to Donavon Frakenreiter right now on his website. He is pretty good. He is singing a song with Jack Johnson. I like JJ still but not as much as I did before. I am branching out in music.. well not really just finding new people to listen to.
Work has been stressful but it will get better. It has too. I don’t have a word right now that i incredibly enjoy. I like ponies. the word. I am using that word to replace porn in my daily speech. YOu know those moments were people ask rhetorical questions like hmmm what do i want? you can always just answer ponies. I useded to say porn but you can’t do that now cuz it is bad. the gnomes will come and eat your liver. they will sew up your skin but your liver will be gone and you won’t be able to destroy it yourself on booze. I don’t know what a liver does. I know what most body parts do, at least the major organs but the liver, no idea. I know it can get diseased easily enough but other than that, no idea.
I am now listening to Gregory Page. Trying out new things.

well going to go now. au revior mon cherie. hope to write again. like doing journal entries… need to be better… as always

songalicious: gregory page
moodalicious: productive

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