Arrow. There they are. Stay Sharp

The tree melts into my hand. I have that power ya know. I can melt things with my eyes. Well that is what Steve says. But Steve’s an ass.

I waited for you with baited breath. I hate clichés. Gather your weapons. Press on. The lord of the rings puppets are clogging my brain. With shaas and horses. Keep your spirits high. I think he is fighting a battle in Rohan. Cuz Rohan is in danger. Well they were before Aragon and the Rohirim kicked some major ass. Yikes I am sounding very much Lord of the Rings dork. Since I am in dork mode. I am trying to get tickets to the Comic Con. Free tickets. So if you want to give me some please do. I know it is like 7 months away but I need to plan how to enact and perfect my dorktitude. There is no beating that. Unless you get a stick and try. But Men of Rohan, swiftly. Scandalous is still a great word. So is haberdasher. I wonder if there are many haberdasher websites out there. I think I already did a search on that word. I would do it myself but I am ever so lazy. Would you be a kind sir and search that word for me? Thanks. It was raining today. And now it is not and now my hand is cold. Just my right hand because that is the one that is the cold hearted bitch. Ahh snap. Be on guard. Run them to the ground. brb Potty Break. Back. I know you missed me. Or did it seem like I was never gone? Hmm… Keep’m at a distance. Brace your weapons. Yikes so much to say and so little room. Heh or little patience to keep on writing. My need to write a creative gem of literary art is calling to me but the idea for the shape and form of the gem is not coming to me. I have the desire but lack the stuff. Hmm… I was writing a story called pony girl but I don’t want to write that.

Moodalicious: recumbent

Songalicious: The Battle for Middle Earth – In the Background

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