Some are Dead and some are Living

The trueism of being a medium is that you are never alone. The falseism is that you are plagued by voices all day. So untrue. I get about 4-5 voices a day in my head. And that is a heavy day. Like yesterday there was only one.

A woman who had died Anna Karenina style was trying to let me know that she wanted a puppy. I puppy. Yikes that was morbid. I tried to block her out like I usually do, listening to the Beatles. But not even Fool on a Hill tuned her out. She just kept on moaning about her puppy. So I gave up.

I followed her to the gravesite in where she was buried. And there sitting next to the gravestone was a small Lassie-like dog. “His name is Fuzzles” She said. I looked at his tag and got my cell phone out to call his owners when the woman tried to knock me over. The think with the dead, they think they are still alive. Well most of them do. There actually is a good percentage that knows their place in the schematic of existence. She was not one of those. Another factoid about the unresolved dead: they can’t really move shit like you think. You always see the chairs move and that kind of crap. But they rarely can move anything. The most they can do is create a wind and a resemblance of someone being there before. Like smells: perfume, BO, etc. To go off on an another tangent. There was this really stinky man who liked to invade my sleeping time. I would wake up because this horrible smell of cigars and feet would creep up my nose. I would open my eyes and this guy in a ragged trench coat would be peering into my eyes with his glassy brown eyes. Yikes. He reeked and he wouldn’t leave until I helped him find a slide whistle from his mother.

So this train wreck tried to knock me over when I was on the phone. All I did was take an extra quick breath. She tried again. This time she got a running start and leaped with all of her might. She fell and I laughed. Sorry. You have been around this enough and you get kind of over the whole ooh 6th senseyness of it all. The dog seemed unphased by the whole experience. She just nuzzled against my leg. Everytime this woman leaped towards me the dog just looked up at me.

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