Porkchop Womack is a cool name

The last post was a beginning to a story that needs lots of work. Watching football today and the commercials are really funny. Like the verizon one with the dad making his kids shovel snow. So hi-larious. Don’t you think? Does everyone run from something? Was Joey right, are there no unselfish good deeds? Can I be all that I can be without joining the army? These are the questions that don’t really fill my brain. Just random thoughts that arised from my head. Flesh-tailor is a surgeon. So to use in a sentence: I went to a plastic flesh-tailor to see about getting a boob job.

The people in the apt above us like to move around a lot. And their kid likes to do relays across the floor. I think they know what room we are in. When I am in the bedroom it is really loud on the floor in the bedroom and vice versa in the living room. hmm… what are they doing. We called our last neighbor Sisyphus because it seemed like he was constantly moving things. Maybe they are a family of marathon runners who don’t really like the outdoors. or relay racers who are practing passing the baton to each other. I think a family that can all do the same thing is cute. Like softball or playing the piano or robbing banks. Well maybe not the last one. This telecast is copyrighted by the NFL. Just to let you know.

I got to listen to listen to a song from the new Tori Amos album, the Beekeeper. The song I listened to is Hoochie Woman. The song is sooo awesome. I can’t wait for the entire album to come out in February. It should be pretty cool.

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