Dusty and the bearded lady

I saw one of the most amazing shows evah today, Carnivale. This show is mystifying, amazing, and super dusty. I sneezed just watching it. Heh. Seriously. I love this show. The character development is amazing. How you can have characters with so much depth and interesting to boot. In a frickin tv show. Most movies aren’t this good. Everyone needs to watch this show. This is my quick tip for the day.

Also Kangaroos rock. I just got a pair. and so does 21 jump street. It is like I live in the 80s or something. Also jem rules. heh….. I wear my sunglasses at night….

moodalicous: fiesty
songalicious: carnivale (making my hubbie watch the first episode my second time watching this epsiode tonight)

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