Stay away from that damned tabaccy

So I like to watch the Apprientice. So what? It is not one of my favorite shows. It is just something to watch on Thursdays. I could watch CSI and probably should but this show drags me in. If they kicked some one off of CSI every week, I’d watch it more. Well at least one person dies every week but that is different. Plus the show is not real. I like shows that are “real”. Heh…

But seriously folks….. I have been listening to This American Life. That show is sooo good and compelling. I listened to this one today about someone who attempted suicide and then eventually committed suicide. But the person’s thoughts and complete hopelessness about life. It just hit me. I have been a little sad ever since. Yikes. I guess because I could understand how some one could get to that point. I don’t know why I can. I generally like to think I am a happy person who doesn’t let things get to me but I think I do. I have a lot of insecurities that inhibit me from living my life the way I would like to.

Oooh the Donald shops at Staples. I used to work at Staples. But that company kind of sucks.

Moodalicuous: pensive/down
Songalicious: the Apprentice

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