Death of Modern Television

The end of this current season of television is rapidly coming to an end. Uchenna and Joyce won a million bucks (tm Rob) on the Amazing Race and Rory is going to the slammer. 4 boring people are competing on American Idol. Woohoo… But the saddest thing happened today, Carnivale has been cancelled. This was one of the most inventive, coolest shows on tv and now it is no more. What do people want? Extreme Makeover: Married Couple Edition? A needy married couple who are not having the kind of “relations” they want to have have a team of psychotherapists and fstreet store owners come together to get it on. Remember this is my idea, don’t steal it prowling network execs. So Carnivale is gone. I still have to watch season two, I got that going for me. That’s all for now.

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