Jedi's with Boners

is the name of my new band unless lucas has the copyright to the word jedi and the bastard better not. hehe… with that title, guess where I was today? I was at comic con. The world of dorks, dweebs, geeks, and commonfolk alike.

The Good:
I saw many a Storm Trooper(yes I like storm troopers)
Kevin Smith (you have to like a guy that can make good dick jokes)
My WITCH charm bracelet

The Bad:
Crowds- Why do people walk in the middle of an aisle and then just stand there? ugh
Overpriced crap: I am not going to pay 250 for a transformer I can get for 60 and I will not pay 20 for a wallet with a cat on it.
Q&A for Charlize Theron: I know you want to have her look into your eyes and tell you something but please ask an interesting question. Hearing 5 variations on how she prepared for this role is extremely boring. And please ask the poor co-star one question. I think he said 2 sentences the entire segement.

So we didn’t make it till Tenacious D. Yes Yes I know it was the most amazing thing evah. But I was tired and waiting that long for 30 min of D wasn’t really worth it.

Going now to sleep, drain, wallow in my dorkish self.

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