Word License

Two things:

1. There should be a citizens advisory board for vanity plates. You submit your request for a vanity plates and it goes through two tests 1. for decency- we don’t want fuk mi or fuk yu 2. for understanding, if 7 out of the 10 citizens understand your plate then you can have it. Case in point I saw 4 A NUPE yesterday… it doesn’t make sense thus the rule must be activated. now… otherwise more brain cells in my head will pop

2. Words for the weekend:

Chitterie-Chatterie– a piece of bread eaten immediately after bathing.
zounderkite– usuall applied to one whoese stupid conduct results in awkward mistakes.
katzenjamer– headache, nausea, etc. following a drinking carousal.

and in case you want to know illude is a word although old in usage it is a word.

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