Teen Movie Formula (in progress)

  1. Boy and Girl hate or don’t know each other. Options are-
    1. Boy makes bet with fellow boys to get said girl to like him.
    2. Boy and girl pretend to like each other to get other boys/girls to like them.
    3. Girl hates boy because boy is arrogant and obnoxious
  2. Drunken party at a house (parents not a round). Options are-
    1. Girl makes fool of herself while intoxicated
    2. Guy make fool of himself while intoxicated
  3. Boy and Girl fall for each other. Options are-
    1. Start it early to make the big fight more meaningful
    2. Start it late to make their first big kiss at the end of movie
  4. Conflict. Options are-
    1. The bet is revealed and girl is mad
    2. Boy flirts goes out with another girl
  5. Big Dance
    1. Boy and Girl make up and kiss
    2. Can add funky band of boy/girl’s choice
  6. Parents
    1. Stupid and quirky
    2. Stupid and desperate for mate
    3. Stupid and strict
    4. Usually single
  7. Friends/Enemies
    1. Stuck-up rich girl with stupid friends
    2. Outcast main girl with quirky friends (often a male friend)
    3. Guy with jock friends

One thought on “Teen Movie Formula (in progress)

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