Its official…

I am old. Listening to online xmradio. You want to know my favorite station?
Is it the 90’s station? no
Is it the current pop station? no
Comedy? no
Alternative? no
Hip-Hop? no
Showtunes? no

It is Hear Music which is the voice of Starbucks. Yes that is the station I listen to the most and the station I get the most songs I want from. I used to listen to alternative. Nirvana, Morrissey. Brit-Pop. I used to be a young girl. With vivacious tastes in music. Now I am listening to Bibel Gilberto’s Be Nice. Which is a nice song… I am not saying that the music should suck. I just shouldn’t be liking it that much. I still have my youth.


Sigh… I will let the starbucks music take me over….

mmm i want a decaf vanilla latte…..

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