life list

This is featured on Ellen right now. Kind of cheesy for me and kind of not cheesy.

1. get married in the temple
2. finish a novel and submit it to be published
3. have something published
4. raise a child with my husband
5. be more charitable
6. learn to be more tolerant
7. learn french
8. submit a recipe to the Pillsbury cookoff
9. create a cookbook of my recipes
10. own a pair of manolo blahniks or jimmy choos
11. have a diamond ring
12. visit England
13. finish a sunday new york times crossword
14. tie a cherry stem with my tongue
15. eat at the french laundry
16. visit disneyworld
17. see a show on broadway
18. see jamie cullum in concert
19. read ulysses
20. defeat super mario bros
21. own a designer purse
22. own a pair of designer socks
23. make a mixed media collage on canvas
24. knit a sweater
25. make candles
26. see avenue q
27. see a cirque de soliel show in vegas
28. stay at the W
29. less gossipy
30. own a cat
31. own a dog
32. finish the bell jar
33. have a sweet 30 party
34. learn how to drive
35. go to an afternoon tea
36. stay at hotel where I can walk out onto the beach
37. see the supreme court in action
38. volunteer for a political campaign
39. find the perfect lip gloss
40. learn how to enunciate better
41. improve my grammar

(this list could get up dated- stay tuned)

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