So I am doing Nanowrimo again this year. This time my goal but probably won’t happen is to write two novels during this month. I started today on my first novel. A story in three parts about a rape fantasy gone horribly wrong. I mean what rape fantasy goes right anyways. But it is challenging to write. I have written about serial killers and pyromaniacs and this is difficult. I am about 5000 words into is as of 7pm and hope to be at least 7-8 thousand before I go to bed. It would be awesome to have this first part done before I hit that pillow but it is becoming more difficult to write because of the content.

If I get to my second novel it is about zombies. What a better way to come out of writing the hardcore to zombies. That would be also a story in three parts. Basically three different views of three different types of zombies. It ranges to the highly functional zombie to the “brains” less fuctional zombie.

I hope I finish one and start the other before this month is out. It will be fast, furious and with out car chases or hot women. Hmm maybe hot women. Who knows

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