I love it, when you touch it.

Everyone needs to listen to Bed by J. Holiday. It is audiophonic awesome. I think I just invented a word which now is more awesome than the song. So you should still listen but also acknowledge that I am great. You will then love all future posts. I mean complete submission to me and my beauty does start all my relationships.

Also listen to uncast. It is more audiophonic (tm lushrain) awesome than J. Holiday.

So first post and you have homework. Listen to and be prepared to discuss:

J. Holiday

Focus on the lyrics and the duality of this song for sex and funerals.

Is this his real name? If not what was the process for deciding on the name? Did the initial come first or the holiday. Did he want to be K. Christmas but they said go more generic. Or maybe he wanted to be Z. Arborday. Or Q. Mayday.

Do they have May Poles still and where can I get one?


Who is sexier audiophonically (tm lushrain)? Daniel or Victoria or Cinnamon or Butch?

What you don’t know who Butch is? You haven’t listened enough. There is only 34 episodes. That isn’t much to listen to.

What tastes like ass? Make a list.

Is it too late to protect yourself against zombies?

There will be a quiz with a short essay.

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