I wish everyday was like Sunday

Recap of my day:

Burritos for breakfast. Always welcome. Notable things: the jukebox in the place didn’t play any ranchero or Shakira like normal. They did play Boston or Journey can’t tell those apart.

Frys for a keyboard. It glows in the dark and is thinner than my finger! And it was for the low low price of 39.99 and sad that there was no but wait there’s more. Oh wells. It is purity. The other one got a sticky space bar from my many hours of cybersex. Oops did I let that one slip out. Bad Victoria.

Grocery shopping. If you really want details email me. I will try to make it sexy.

Installed said keyboard and it types purity. Confiugred outlook to pick up my gmail because I sometimes like going from nice programs to shitty ones. It keeps me real. Brings me back to my roots. Why have a butler sorting your mail when you can have your drunken uncle who works half the time?

Tummy ache from burrito. Still in my top 3. If you don’t know what that means check out Uncast. The choice of a new generation. And the old.

Nappy times with sore tummies. Dude I am talking like a baby. You can thank KATG for that. Cinnamon likes to sleep at my feet on the couch. Actually she likes the end cushion when I nap on the couch and proceeds to bite my feet if they encroach her space. Y’d think I made her watch Dirty Dancing 100 times. I swear I didn’t. However she always wants to sing in the Talent Show. Show off.

Cooking with crazy: make a Bacon, Mushroom, Gruyere strata. An adapted recipe from Cooking Light. Super yummy. I also made a Cranberry Chutney to be used later in the week.

Loafing on the couch: Started watching Miami Ink with the mini marathon on today. Nice tattoos. I like the Chris guy cuz he is funny and does nice work. Kat Von D got fired and then started her own show. Also watched the Family Guy clip show. Kind of funny. Mostly sad. The show was so awesome in the beginning. Now it is just becoming sadder.

Tried to make coffee in my new coffee maker. I thought I liked strong coffee. I was wrong. It tastes like caramel covered ass. Not that I would know what that is like. (I swear!).

Now chatty times and then sleepy times. Oh Nanowrimo?

I will get to that tomorrow.


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