No more boobies- sad face

No more boobs at work. We are no longer allowed to show cleavage. It is not like we work at a strip club. But ther is now a secret rule passing around work that says that women should be more mosdest. Well duh. I just have to stop wearing my 1993 Madonna cone bras to work.

In more boobie talks. I realized mine are huge. I just naturally minimize them and through the magic of Canon I realize that they are huge. FYI y’alls.

Uncast episode 35 should be released tonite. We have a guest host on it. Miss Becky and it is particuarly funny if I do say so myself.

Online shopping trip tonite to buy the new Stephen Colbert book, a recorder to make Uncast mobile, baking pans and Miss Becky’s christmas gift. It was fun.

Writing tonite I swear. And I need to eat soon.

Cinnamon updae: she is still cute and she does kisses. You do the kissing noise and she comes to you and kisses you.

Now sleepytimes. No Heroes tonite. No HIMYM. No more writing. No sex. So sleepy dizzy.

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