Even Jesus doesn't like you

It really doesn’t have anything to do with this post but I like it anyways.

Bought tix for Las Vegas NYE at the New York New York. We will be seeing Brother Love perform from 9p-1p. They will have a premium open bar. I have no idea what premium means. I wonder if instead of Smirnoff vodka it will be Absolut. Instead of Jack Daniels it will be Wild Turkey (ow).  Oh an the ticket price was 200 per. And two of us. So now I need to eat before so I can soak up $200 worth of alcohol that night.  It will be so much fun.

Tried out my Boot Camp exercise dvd again today.  I can walk around my complex for 30 min. Do the treadmill. But that thing wiped my ass out in 20 min. I am not the most in shape girl but I am not Miss Wheezy either. My legs are sore and I feel so wiped. I was using weights while doing it. So that makes me less whimpy right?

Uncast episode 35 is out, titled You say tomato I say you’re a crack whore.  Check it out. It has lots funnies.

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