Yay no more naked

me . hehe. I bought some clothes today from Target. I had to come from the realization that I will have to take all of my pants to a tailor. Sad face. I hate having stumpy legs. I did get a preppy argyle (argh fetch me my eye patch, timbaland) sweater and a cute long open sweater.  Still more clothes to go.

I am also praying (in addition to all the children of the world to hold hands and wish for world peace) that everyone around me gets healthy. Too many sickos (I mean that in a totally cool way) around me. I want them all healthy so I can go out and play.

I am also still store after my Boot Camp boondoggle. It didn’t help that happy fun time with the hubbie aggrivated it all. But it was worth it and hopefully baby inducing.

Does anyone know if after happy fun time if I am supposed to stand on my head or wave a magic wand to make all the members of Team USA swim  for the gold? Cuz I really don’t want a Bronze I hear they are janky.

Also Ninja Porn? My idea don’t take it. That is all.

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