Oh Oh Mr. Darcy

I watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday. The 5 hour, Colin Firth edition. And first let me say, I am now want to ride that Colin Firth bandwagon. And if they had toliets, electricity, internet, and burritos I would want to live in 19th century England.  Be all mad cuz my sister’s virtue was at stake. Write long letters in beautiful script.  Say saucy things to ugly old women.  So much fun.  I highly recommend this movie to any girl who likes girly romantic movies and to any guys who like the same.  It really didn’t seem that long. And the looks Mr. Darcy gives Elizabeth. rarrr. Now when Mr. Darcy starts speaking Portuguese, it will be perfection.

The rest of my 3 day weekend (suck it 5 day work week people) was very relaxing.  Clothes shopping (squee), hanging out at a cool coffee shop in La Mesa (super yummy and not very sweet white mocha), watching ANTM. Oh you don’t know what that is? I spend most of my Sunday flipping between Project Runway (new season starts Wednesday – double squee) and America’s Next Top Model.  Such girly awesomeness. And I knitted as much as I could.

Now if you excuse me I have some Mr. Darcy fantasies to play out in my head. You know letters to write him, turns in the field to take. More turns in the field. Some horses to ride. yummy sigh.

One thought on “Oh Oh Mr. Darcy

  1. Colin’s character in “Love Actually” does try to speak Portuguese. It’s a very funny and sweet scene near the end of the film. If you want more of all things Jane Austen check out the website “The Republic of Pemberley.” Enjoy!

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