Of Pies and Women



1.       Everyone should watch Pushing Daisies. If you catch it midseason and you are confused either catch up on episodes on abc.com or contact me. I can help you. Be warned you might crave pie afterwards.

2.       Is there a type of pie that isn’t good on Thanksgiving? I say if you want to make it, then it is good. I just think pie is required for Thanksgiving.

3.       Are thieving magpies around more during this time? Aren’t they the ones that steal pies? Is this their primary object of grifting? Are there other birds that steal pies? I think it would be awesome if magpies thieved flutes, violins, and other symphonic instruments instead of pies.  Do you think they circle around a Marie Callendars and steal pies as people walk out. Like vultures man. Vultures.

4.       Marie Callendars Strawberry Pie is my favorite pie. A close second would be a good Pecan Pie. But even bad Pecan Pie is good.




Yesterday there was a truck pulling a boat.  A crappy old beat up boat and in sticker lettering was “OTHERWOMAN”.  Usually when guys have “other women” they are prettier or upgrades than their usual woman. This would be a downgrade. I can’t imagine a woman looking other than this boat. Really people be careful when you name a boat.  You will be accounted for it. Especially if you do and you don’t maintain the upkeep on the boat. Also does his truck have a frame that says “my other woman is a boat”?   What a sad sad life.


Eve- spoke parseltongue.  Because I can’t figure out how else she was able to speak to snakes. And what confuses me the most about the Bible origin story is after  Adam and Eve  get kicked out of the GoE and they have to make babies and all. And then supposedly those babies grow up to be equal procreators. Do they make with themselves?  Or with Adam and Eve? Did God populate the Earth a little more to stop inbreeding. It is so weird to think this world was created on Jankey babies.

2 thoughts on “Of Pies and Women

  1. Pushing Daisies is awesome!
    I caught the first episode and loved it, I need to start watching it again.


    Mmmm, pie.

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