Dim Awesome

Dim Sum in San Diego is awesome. There was a group of 5 of us who went to Jasmine for Dim Sum on Saturday. So many options floating around. They had all sorts of dumplings, two different types of pork buns. Way more options than the place in Chinatown we went to earlier in the year.  I also tried chicken feet. Or foot I must say. It was good. I just couldn’t eat it all cuz the sauce it was in was weird to me. I didn’t try the beef tendon or tripe or the baby octopus. One weird thing at a time. But I am going back. Oh and Boba. I love boba. If you don’t know what Boba is, here is a description: a milky beverage with tapioca balls in it that you slurp through the straw. The tapioca balls are like unflavored gummies but they are flavored by the drink they are in. I had iced coffee and a thai iced tea boba. Super yummy. Oh and I said out loud “we have porn at home” in the restaurant.  But more on that on uncast.

Found out that Thanksgiving at my parents will be now whittled down to 7 people from 25-30. Lots of drama happened over the last week and everyone was uninvited and then slowly invited. hehes. So glad I didn’t have to be a part of that inviting committee.

Now it is all prep for next week. Oh and I think I am getting sick. And I think I pissed of my husband by accidentally forgetting to shut the bedroom door when I decided to vacuum the bathroom floor. Oops. I can just say I am sick. Hopefully that will work. Pray that I come back not all janky.

One thought on “Dim Awesome

  1. All that food sounds so gross. The chicken feet don’t sound THAT bad, but not very good.

    Daniel will get over your accident with the vacuum 😀

    I’m sick too.


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