Back from sabbatical

Did I forget to mention that? Oh wells. I was on a sabbatical for the last couple of weeks or so. Sabbaticals are longer than that you say? I am a quick learner. I churned that stuff I was working on out and now I have random thoughts to fill your minds and hearts.

-If you are so fortunate to receive a Christmas card from my hubbie and I be thankful. It is glossy awesome. If you think you should get one, email me your addy.

These are the jokes here: It is interesting that Al Gore won a Nobel Peace prize this year telling us something Nelly told us 4 years ago. (insert awesome rim shot here) [and get your mind out of the gutter; i mean the drum kind]

-F- you verizon. Pony is now off my wish list. But Unicorn still on there. They are supposed to read your feelings and stuff and tell the future. And fly and are able to comfortably live in an apartment with two people and a cat. So the leprechaun at the Unicorn dealership told me.

Uncast 39 is probably awesome. I say probably because my recollection of that night is hazy. It is good that we now record our lives so I can reclaim what I have lost. And laugh at my funny jokes as if I have heard them the first time.

-Since this is lets ask for stuff time of the year. To your right there is a link that says “buy me stuff”.

Tis all for now.  Don’t cry to hard I will be back.

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