Its Christmas eve eve and I've only got two f'n presents

I feel like Peter (FG) laughing. heheh

Watching a little bit of the Wizard of Oz yesterday and I realized something. Out of the three ancillary characters traveling with Dorothy, the Scarecrow is the most reliable and smartest. And he is the one without brains supposedly. You know I think the Tin Man should have wished to be a real boy instead of a heart. Is the heart going to help you from being rusted. Dare I say the tin man is tin roof rusted? Damn I can’t believe I went there but I did.

I am on vacation now so everything is coming out nicely.  I have Christmas eve with my parents tomorrow and Christmas day with my honey. I have a cute little outfit and everything. There is KATG meetup next Friday and then Vegas baby. New Years Eve in Vegas. My hubbie and I’s first trip to Vegas together. Hope he will still love me when I am throwing up at 5am on the 1st.

To tease the upcoming episode of Uncast, there will be a Christmas themed Awesome list. Actually I think the majority of the episode will be Christmas themed. Hopefully it will be out by Christmas. So you can curl up by the fire with your loved ones and listen to Christmas Uncast. It will be like watching Its a Wonderful Life. Actually no 1000 times better than that shitty movie. Clarence can go suck an egg.

Merry Christmas everyones.

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