Business Ideas

These are some of the many business ideas I have had in my life (all trademarked

Hellokitty/bookstore/coffee shop

Pan-Asian Buffet (Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, maybe Russian)

Mortuary by day – discotheque by night. – Dead Man’s Party

Pillow store called the Surrealistic Pillow

Soup restaurant that gives out cookies with each bowl of soup. Special soup bowl with cookie holder. – There’s a Cookie in my Soup.

Brothel that sells cookies and knitted items and girls are more homemakery. There’s a Cookie in My Whore!

Event Planning business. Parties and light catering (depending on my mood)

Soul Stealing/Collecting

Edit (7/11) : Shiver Me Timbers (pirate themed ice cream store)

That is all I can think of now. I just realized where some of my ideas are kind of normal. Most are really weird. Oh well… Hopefully one of them will come to fruition.

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