For the last couple of days I have been kind of emotional. It started Friday night and I think it might have been brought upon by Julie and Julia but I am not sure. It may also have been brought upon by my shitty super busy weeks at work.  And crashing from the high and the level of calmness I have been maintaining to keep everyone at work happy. Or a kind of Mortal Kombat-finish her super combo kick.  So that is how I started my labor day weekend.

I got up Saturday morning feeling super sad and knowing that I had a long day of socializing ahead of me and no chance to crawl back into bed. I used the cooking energy from Julie and Julia to bake Strawberry Cake and these Crescent Roll blue cheese things. (Talk more about those on another post).  The cooking didn’t help, sigh.  Hung out with family in Rancho Cuca  for the afternoon which was hard to make conversation.

Evening was filled with Dahonay campsite goodness. Which I enjoyed and did bring up my spirits. Sunday was an okay day too hanging with my parents and then to Dahonay campsite again. Tried to stay up all  night but failed.

Monday was hard. I was tired and wanted to crawl into bed again but resisted and made breakfast, recorded Uncast, and finished my book.

Then work on Tuesday. So hard to function today but I got through it. Towards the end of the day I felt better, listening to Victor Varnardo on the 100 for 30 at http://www.katg.com totally got my mood kicking up. And my lovely hubbie helped the other part of my mood kick into high gear again.

So I am coming out of this with , so yay!

One thing I realized with this is that it is kind of cyclical for me and that when it happens I distance myself from everyone except hubbie.  So I will try to be better and reach out when I really need it. Loves

Specials , Scott Westerfield : Part of his Uglies trilogy. Good. I liked Uglies and Pretties better. I found myself getting more annoyed with the main character in this book.  However I highly recommend this entire series. Very well written teen sci-fi. One would typically assume that teen fiction is poorly written but can have some awesome stories involved. This is one

Extras,  Scott Westerfield:  Just started it but good. The 4th book in his trilogy. (I know)

Live version of Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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