What color are you today?

This is a graphic showing the increase in colors over time of Crayola crayons. For some this amount of choice can be overwhelming but for me when it comes to crayons I love it. I have always loved using crayons and the many choices.

Probably like most, when I would get a new box of crayons I would take them all out and sort them by color of the rainbow.

On another crayon note, I listened to a silly motivational speaker who said he gave all of his employees a box of crayons and had them tell you each day what color you are. Maybe for that instance a box of 128 crayons is a bit to much. Cuz saying I feel like Mac and Cheese today is a bit confusing. Am I lobster mac and cheese or the neon orange but very good KFC mac and cheese?

I so have an urge to color now.

One thought on “What color are you today?

  1. At work we have summer camp names, all crayola colours. I asked the kids to give me mine and they voted for Wild Strawberry. If only they knew winkyface. Colouring is calming, again I can do that ‘with the kids’ .

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