I learned tings (4/2-4/4)!

Things I learned this weekend

  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best combo ever
  • If you wait long enough, douches will eventually piss people off enough to get what they deserve
  • Kettel One vodka is better than most but still needs something to cut the pure alcohol taste
  • No amount of vodka will make Spice World good. It isn’t even good for the camp factor
  • Victoria Beckham used to be more attractive
  • Bisexual Lesbian chat rooms are full of old dykes
  • Don’t like Opeth, Kind of like Pantera. Also hate Lamb of God
  • My first born or first bunny will be named Mokdok
  • When I get drunk I talk like one of my friends
  • Finding a new, unexpected, Laugunitas beer can make a dizzy girl happy
  • Alpine Brewery’s Stout is good. Actually pretty much any beer from Alpine Brewery is good.
  • There really isn’t too much bukkake talk
  • At least in my dreams (and prolly in real life) if someone talks enough Tori Amos to me, I will let you do dirty things to me
  • The guilt you feel that you are able to fall back asleep after morning sex while your partner has to go to work only lasts until you shut your eyes.
  • With Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Doctor Who, and Torchwood available on Netflix (via Xbox) I will never see outside again.
  • Earthquakes scare thugs and Canadians. And sometimes hardened Californians. J 
  • You can still rock hard singing “Run to the Hills” while wearing bunny ears
  • Pavlovas are really an awesome and fairly easy dessert to make
  • The key to good roast chicken is lots of salt
  • There is a fine line between Cher and Eddie Vedder
  • I love singing “Tom Sawyer”
  • Ten-Fidy is an amazingly awesome beer.


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