I learned tings! (4/9-4/11)

  • Boobies for birthdays is a trend that is catching on
  • 17 different beers in one night might be one too many (mind you 2oz pours)
  • I can have a good party with food without cooking
  • Mixing horrible craft beer with horrible malt energy drink makes a tasty beverage
  • A selection of girl scout cookies and leftover Easter candy is an acceptable dessert for a party
  • When white people get drunk they debate things like David Byrne vs Elvis Costello
  • Even pounding lots of water, 17 beers will give you a nice hangover
  • Lemon Curd pancakes are the bomb
  • Roasted potatoes with brown sugar and mustard are even better
  • The worst hangover can be mitigated with mimosas and Skull Crusher mountain
  • Rumspring.me is the best site to ask Amish related questions (expect a delay in response)
  • Coffee milk shakes and sweet potato fries at Studio Diner rock
  • Sometimes you just have to look past a cute boy’s horrible spelling and grammar
  • Naked sleeping is awesome
  • Early morning cuddles are the awesome
  • Getting up to shower and be slightly productive then crawling back into bed is amazing
  • Spending most of Sunday in bed reading and napping is even more amazing
  • My thug can be a gentle girl when needed.
  • Panera dates are so relaxing and  comforting
  • Coffee Bean and Tea leaf’s Café Vanilla is super yummy
  • 20 minutes after the Kitteh lands I am mentally useless
  • My boob is a great ipod holder                   
  • Spicy cheesy bread is nommy
  • Jamie Oliver wants you to cook better but really isn’t cheap about it
  • Rockstars take many forms and even though they may not seem strong, they will surprise you beyond all belief.


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