Beer, Boredom, and Sloth

Beer(s) of the moment:
Rubicon IPA and Green Flash Bourbon Barrel Double Stout.  The Rubicon I quickly drank that baby down and wanted more. They really need to 6 pack that beer. Perfect session beer. The Green Flash Stout is hoppy, alcohol  and tastes like butterscotch coffee. Super yummy.

Bored Bored Bored:
House was  boring to me. I realize I want more interesting Patients of the Week and less lets psychoanalyze House. It is boring where everyone feels the need to tell House why he is really doing what he does. Happy that he got what he wanted but you know he is just going to fuck it up. Hopefully with strippers and ice cream.

Glee with NPH wasn't as awesome as I hoped.  They are both audtioning for Les Miz and no Confrontation or any Les Miz song duet between NPH and MM?  The "I Dreamed a Dream" was phenomenal and I admit I wet myself during dream on. But I wanted more NPH and less Artie. Esp Dream a little Dream. So dull

AVN awards. You think I like Porn , I like awards how could this not be awesome. Its not awesome at all. Its a train of whores in bad dresses. The only posititives:

  • Evan Stone and a whore in slankets and the whore exclaiming "I can't find my pussy".
  • Finding out there is Cosby parody porn and that it won an award
  • Intrigued by Sasha Grey and kind of want to see her stuff.  

This is not a home its a menagerie:
My bff always jokes that her hubbie is what keeps her from being a crazy cat lady. I finally understood that the other day when I found another type of animal I wanted as a pet. I realized I wouldn't have 10 cats. I would have a menagerie of animals living in my house. Hopefully in harmony. Luckily my hubbie and the laws of California keeps me from doing this.  This weeks animal of want:
The sloth, so cute and always smiling:

<p>Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.</p>

Business Time:
I am going to try to post more and I am also going to do song discovery posts. I tend to listen to as many covers as I can of a song I really like. So I am going to give you a list of the covers that are worth a listen to of some of my favorite songs.
Also going to try to focus more on Church of Awesome related posts and some good lists.

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