Tings I learned today

1. If you use these two phrases in the write context it will be one of the funniest things ever: "the prophecy is true!" and "it achieved a consciousness".

               Examples-   Me:  I just spilt swifter juice on the floor Bob: The prophecy is true! 
                                 Me: What happened to the cheese in the fridge Sally: It achieved a consciousness and I had to kill it.

2. My cat is a teenager– She plops down on the couch with a huge kitteh sigh (a single lone meowish noise) and expects me to pay attention to her.

3. I am loving everything that Paul F. Tompkins does. He is hilarious

4. Hammerhead with some half and half is an awesome drink.

5. I'm just stunnin' with my love glue gunning.

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